Winter Hydraulic Oils & Grease

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Are you using your trailer throughout the winter? If yes, you might have noticed your hydraulic systems running slower. Whether it’s your hydraulic hoist, jack, or slide out, cold weather can cause issues. With many trailers being manufactured within the US, and not having to deal the temperature change we experience in Alberta, manufacturers use oils in their hydraulic systems that are not designed for our extreme temperatures.

Luckily, this issue can be fixed by using an hydraulic oil that is designed for cold weather. For example, Chevron has a winter rated hydraulic oil line that ran operate down to -50 Deg C, and can still be using in summer months. We don’t recommend ignoring a sluggish hydraulic system and using oil that is not rated for our temperatures. Running your hydraulics without the correct fluid can cause excessive wear and even failure. Avoid a costly repair bill and just use proper hydraulic oil.

If you are having issues with your hydraulics with the cold weather, feel free to give us a call we can discuss options to help keep you moving.

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